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Are you searching for the safe, free and fast Instagram video download tool Online? Maybe you want to share it with someone else, or maybe you want to save it for offline viewing. Our Instagram video download tool is an easy-to-use tool that lets you download your favorite videos from Instagram. With Saveinsta video downloader, you can download your all favorite videos from Instagram and save them to your Laptop, PC or mobile device.

How to Download videos from Instagram?

Below are the three easy and quickest steps to download an Instagram video:

Copy the post link

Copy the URL

If you stumble upon an intriguing post on Instagram while using the app or browsing the website, downloading the video is a breeze. Simply tap the icon for iPhone or Android to open the popup menu. Then, choose “Copy Link” from the available options to copy the post’s link.

Paste the post link

Paste the Link

Once you’ve copied the link, proceed by pasting it into the designated field and then clicking on the download button.

Download Media

Download the Video

Upon clicking the ‘Download Now’ button, the Instagram video will commence downloading. If you’re using an iPhone, it will be saved in the Downloads folder; if on an Android device, it will be stored in the downloads gallery.

Instagram Video Download

Instagram Video Download

Videos Downloader

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that you can effortlessly download Instagram videos online by entering the link of the video you desire. Our Instagram Video Downloader is entirely free and does not necessitate any account creation or membership fees. You’re free to download as many videos as you wish without encountering any limitations or restrictions.

Save Instagram videos

Saveinsta Video Downloader, wishes to emphasize the importance of respecting the creator’s copyright and usage rights when downloading a video from Instagram. Please refrain from utilizing the downloaded video for any commercial or illegal activities. Moreover, it’s imperative to acknowledge that downloading videos from private accounts without the account owner’s consent is prohibited and may lead to restricted access to our service. Let’s all demonstrate respect for others’ content and employ our tools responsibly.

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Q: Where is the video downloader on Instagram?

A: There is no video downloader on Instagram. What you can get is bookmarking content saved within the app for later viewing. This option may be invalid. Because to do this you need to ensure internet connection. So, Saveinsta downloader can be a good way to enjoy content offline and anytime.

Q: Is it a Free Instagram video download Tool?

A: Yes, you can download Instagram videos for free.

Q: Is Instagram video download legal?

A: Yes. It is 100% safe and legal. But how you use this video matters. If it’s for your personal use, that’s fine. But you can’t broadcast it to earn money. Otherwise, you must ask and credit the author whenever you use this content.

Q: Can I Download IG Videos from a private account?

A: The short answer is No. You can’t download insta private Photos and videos.

Q: Where are Instagram video saved after downloading?

A: Please check the “Downloads” folder in your device or the “download history” section of your browser.

Q: How to download Instagram video?

A: 1. Open the Instagram app or website and find the video you want to download.

2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the video and select “Copy Link.”

3. Visit Saveinsta website and paste the copied link into the input box.

4. Click the “Download” button.

5. The video will be downloaded to your device.


It is an one of the best Instagram video download tool. You can use our IG video downloader absolutely free of cost. This tool improves the overall Instagram experience. Enjoy exploring the world of Instagram video beyond the boundaries of the internet. Respect the rights of creators. Do not use their content for your own personal use without the permission of the creators.

Disclaimer: Our Instagram downloader tool created to help you download content from your own account. Nonetheless, we retain the right to refuse service if you misuse this tool to infringe upon the privacy and content of others.